Congratulations on your upcoming birth!

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Welcome and Congratulations!
Chances are you’re on your way toward parenthood for the first time, or once again.  If you’re interested in having an amazing birth, you’re in the right place!  Birth Boot Camp classes prepare expectant families for the unforgettable series of events included in labor, birth, and caring for new life.

So, why take a comprehensive childbirth class?
First, y’all deserve it!  Expectant couples deserve balanced, up-to-date information.
But mostly, for the same reason you would start a training regiment before running a marathon.  When you sign up for a race, simply writing a plan for how you’ll finish on race day isn’t what pushes you across the line–your training does!  A birth plan and a one-day class won’t help you to prepare yourself for the marathon your birth may be.  When you sign up for a Birth Boot Camp class, you’re committing to giving your mind and body (and your partner’s!) all the training, tools, and education you deserve in order to make informed decisions about the care you receive and love your birth.

I hope you’ll join us!


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